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Launched about six months back, EA mobile’s current venture Simcity Buildit did create some ripples in the market. Purists from the 90’s barrage of franchise games weren’t particularly excited with its advent and the reasons are not unknown. Being a fan of mobile games and ardent enthusiast of the free-to-play world, this game did appeal to me from the very start. I have been playing for quite some time now and it took me just one or two outings to get a fulfilling hang of it. At the time of writing this piece, there more than 50 million people worldwide who have played it.

Its user experience loosely translates into a wide platform of various factors. First and foremost, I would say it’s a well-scripted game made by a hugely experienced unit with incredible technical and creative horsepower. Crafted by the company’s studio, the design is native to the concerned mobile platform from the very scratch. I found this very evident from the ground up and more so when put against a PC port. It incorporates elements like short sessions, crafting and seamless balance of sandbox and linear game-play. That’s was got me going in the first place.


For me, these aspects, in a terrific combination with more compound and traditional Simcity Buildit brand pillars and cornerstones like specializations, services and disasters, all canopied in gorgeous, cohesive 3D package were the clinchers. It really speaks to consumers in a manner never seen before in this platform. Some of the consumers have expressed dissatisfaction over EA’s apparent stress on the mobile version and divergence from PC versions.  The reason is, the game, with all its subtleties, positives and pitfalls really complements the mobile arena. The strategy elements are light and fun and the ever-present essence of the original series gave an impetus to my experience in playing it. We have found an awesome website which has lots of information regarding simcity buildit cheats if you want more of them then you can visit the site.

With the series’ texture and tonality still intact in this version, it was delightful to lord it over the city’s populace, see them grow and toil to enjoy the metropolitan landscapes you make for them. If you are interested in the gamut of civil engineering and want to explore or exercise your prowess in this digital periphery, Simcity Buildit provides you with the ideal fodder. I had been my impulses spinning and flexing all over the place while placing the residential units in carefully calculated blocks within the public sector structures. If you want to plan a town with the resources, it’s like building sand castles in the king’s court before replicating them on the granted swathes of land. It’s that fascinating.

Another noteworthy aspect that I came across in both the mobile and PC version of Simcity Buildit is its compelling graphics. The game really looks fantastic. It entails a rich playfield, which is layered with elements in details.  Tilting and rotating them as I pleased and needed was simply fun. However, having made a thumping start to transforming this game to the mobile domain, it’s quite unbecoming of the fact that I had to labor and toil under one of the most taxing and strenuous free to play modalities or regimes I’ve ever seen. Keeping that side, it’s a very enjoyable game.

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