movingadmin September 17, 2016

madden nfl mobile

One of the newer soccer games on the block, Madden Mobile, is easy to play. It is a strategy based game involving a lot of planning and execution skills. The premise of the game is the much in demand NFL battleground. Much like the real match, I had to abide by the basic game rules. I could use the general defense and offense tactics to score. Interestingly, scoring is directly proportional to the fan number here.

The team given to me at the beginning of the game was for a preliminary start. The player selection is not based on their efficiency or rating at first. It helped me understand the position of my team as compared to the rest. The understanding helped me decide on which players I should keep on my team and which should I sell off at the auction or trade for cards. The knowledge of the players is crucial for future team compilation. I had to subject my players individually to both offense and defense mechanism to gauge their techniques and combat abilities.

A well-strategized team ends up with good results. I felt responsible for my team’s victory or loss. The lineup choice had two options. I preferred to go with madden mobile 17 hack instead of abiding the automatic line up settings. I had a few players whom I did not require at the time. I did not dump them at the time. Instead, I used them to complete the sets and collect points. Auction Houses helped me build a better team. The buying and selling of players at the auction houses involve a lot of immediate choosing. Taking too much time can likely get the desired players off the stands.

I played the life event segment because I could more reward points in a comparatively lesser time span. The money I made playing the part was spent on an auction house, trying to find better players. I bought the players at the last act to reduce the total coin expenditure. I sold my players at a higher price than what I bought them. This lets me maintain my profit balance. Retention of coins is one of the important aspects to be followed in or to progress in the game. The progress of the game now can be kept a tab on via various social media platforms. I also managed to involve my friend in the game by adding them the game. This feature surely makes the game a lot more fun.

This game has a lot of craze amongst people. A simple interface makes the game easy to play. Despite being easy, there are a few things that boost the scores faster.  The game has done full justice in redoing whatever glitches there might have been in the previous version. It was refreshing to see that developers took into account the user feedbacks and made the required changes, these changes only make the game more addictive for the users. The Maddens Mobile craze with these changes is nowhere close to being sidelined by other similar applications

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